SE5E15: Microwaved Pastas, Angela’s Ouija, and WOW1

October 30, 2014


Our last October episode! We kick off the Halloween special with micropastas, about lights, dogs, and more!

Then we discuss a few Halloween-related stories!

We move to Stephen Wagner‘s, for some creepy emailed-in stories!

Then a story about a woman named Angela, who was threatened by a ouija board!

We close the episode with another live ouija board session. A few spirits (we think) chose to speak to us.

Dog’s Lick

Justin Bieber: His Plan To Dress Up As Selena Gomez For Halloween
Justin Bieber Planning The Sexiest Christmas Ever With Selena Gomez

10 Year Old Murders Elderly Woman
‘Walking Dead’ Actress Goes Undercover And Saves 55 Sex Slaves In Real Life
8 Super Weird Things You Didn’t Know About Halloween


“Die bitch”: Ouija board spells out murderous threat to mum from the afterlife

Slicey – Horror Dub
Abstrakt Sonance – Rigamortis
Elpis – Aletheia’s lullaby
FREQUENC – Teir 15 (bounce3)
AEROSPACEmusic – Meadow Park
Monxx – Exception

SE5E14: Chimney Girl, McKamey Manor, and Jeff the Killer

October 23, 2014


Another edition our Halloween month episodes on J & K After Dark!

We open the episode with a deep analysis of Justin Bieber‘s recent stories. Then we rapidfire odd news from the week!

We discuss Russ McKamey‘s McKamey Manor, and how potentially frightening it is! Then a creepy edition of Tech Talk

McKamey Manor Promo

We conclude the episode with our reading of Sesseur‘s Jeff the Killer! (Thanks to Jonathan Wilson for sending the story in!)

Justin Bieber Hour
Pink Gives Selena Gomez an Unsolicited Love Advice: “Drop Justin Bieber”
Justin Bieber Sings Love Song To Selena Gomez?
The Transformation of Justin Bieber From a White Youth to a Black Man
Could listening to Justin Bieber be good for your CAREER?

5 Vintage Urban Legends And Myths That Still Creep Us Out

Suspect Found ‘Enjoying A Bowl Of Salad’ Inside Someone’s Closet: Cops
People Are Selling Their Imaginary Friends On eBay
Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa Gets Stuck In Ex’s Chimney: Cops
Man Explains Why He Cut Off His Penis (NSFW)

The most extreme haunted house attraction in the world is a horrifying psychological nightmare

Brain–computer interface
Google patents a way to clone your mind

Jeff the Killer

Matt Purdy – Dark Horse
Direct & Labisch – Better World
Nightwalker – Emmanuel Cassiers
Pegboard Nerds – Here It Comes (Original Mix)
Phrenik – Stay Where You Are (ft. Nikki B)
Sluko – Random Story

SE5E13: Helicoptering, Alone, and 09/17/10

October 16, 2014


J & K After Dark‘s third installment of our October episodes!

We open the episode with the unfortunate news that Jalena has once again split.

Then we head to various news sites to rapidfire the week’s odd headlines,

Stephen Wagner, from, provides us an article about Ouija boards, with reader experiences.

We close the episode with this week’s creepypasta reading of bongwatersnowman’s 09/17/10.

Selena Gomez ‘In Tears’ In Church After Justin Bieber Split, Needy Or Understandable?
Justin Bieber Was Reportedly Being An Annoying Tourist In Rome With His Dad! What Did He Do This Time?!
He’s a big kid at heart! Justin Bieber sucks on a child’s lollipop… before hopping into his Ferrari
Justin Bieber: Stop Promising To Marry Selena Gomez

Teacher Jessica Vanessa Quits To Twerk On Vine, Makes A Buttload Of Money
114-year-old woman had to lie to join Facebook
John Thornton Arrested For Alleged Aggressive Mopping
Sumo School Is a Magical Place
REVIEW: Alone: An Existential Haunting 2013

Tales of the Ouija

Collin McLoughlin – Chasing Ghosts
Felix Cartal & Clockwork – The Fire ft. Madame Buttons (Skrux Remix)
Granity – Echo feat. Jo Angel
Sikdope – Our Moment
Tiësto – Take Me (Urbanstep Remix)
Brian Eno Apollo- Atmospheres and Soundtracks
Urban Contact – Aurora

SE5E12: Powdered Fun, The Pee Center, and Cheese Pizza

October 9, 2014


We open this week’s episode with the usual Justilena Gomber updates! Then we rapidfire the recent weird headlines, including dolls and swords!

Danny O. (The Very Fairy) joins J & K After Dark for the trillionth time this week!


We conclude the episode with a reading of Anonymous’s “The Good People.”

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Dance, Snuggle and Kiss—See Their Cutest Pics!
Justin Bieber: Why He Plays Games With Selena Gomez — The Truth
‘Shaved the monster!’ Justin Bieber gets rid of his moustache and goes back to his baby face looks in new Twitter post

This Woman’s Polyphonic Overtone Singing Doesn’t Sound Humanly Possible
Sword Wielding Man Doesn’t Want To Buy Popcorn From Cub Scouts
These Dolls Let You ‘Hug’ A Loved One Miles Away
‘Hugging Chair’ Invented To Cure Loneliness

Video captures 49ers fans’ violent bathroom brawl at Levi’s Stadium that left two injured

The Good People

Foxes – Youth (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)
Daughter – Smother (duncan Murray Remix)
Kaskade – Turn It Down (A.N.O. Remix)
Strobetrotter – Get Crunk
COOK – Boombah
Elzlade – If Only
Gabrielle Aplin – The Power Of Love (AZEDIA Remix)
Singularity – Vain (feat. Piano By Evan Duffy)
Tuen Ft. Zoe Phillips – Take A Look At Me Now

SE5E11: Chipotle Baby, Jellus, and Quack Like A Duck

October 2, 2014


We’re kicking off Halloween month at J & K After Dark! Just like last year, we’ll be reading creepypastas every week!

We open the show with Justin Bieber news, then move onto the week’s headlines in the strange, weird, and odd. Then we once again visit Stephen Wagner‘s site,, for some paranormal encounters.

Another edition of Craigslist Corner! Then we close the show with Alex Ross’s Room 1C.

Justin Bieber News Hour
Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Are In The Caribbean Together For Some Exotic Loving!

Justin Bieber’s Ready To Make New Music After Selena Gomez Vacation
‘Too cute to handle!’ Fans go wild as bad boy Justin Bieber posts adorable throwback photo of himself cuddling a teddy bear

Restaurant laces customers’ noodles with opium

Wearable Futons: Clothing Of The Future?
Parents Face Backlash After Changing Baby’s Diaper On Chipotle Dining Table
OMFG: Science Says A Glass Of Red Wine May Be Equivalent To An Hour At The Gym
Bodybuilding Christian Swingers From Florida Start Spouse-Swapping Website
PRAISE TREE-SUS! Man Sees Jesus In Tree Trunk (PHOTO)

Matrix Glitch Changes Car Color
Precognitive Dream of Plane Crash

Craigslist Corner
Like New Blk. Working Boots/Free Barbie
Stupid Christmas Plates and Mugs
i aint jellus – w4m
The men of Craigslist
Girl that <3 toast

Room 1C

Nicky Romero feat. Courtney Lee – Symphonica (Vibe Source Remix)
Imagine Dragons – It’s Time (Jeriqo Remix)
Manic – Stairway To Hell
MoshPool – Wide Open (feat. Angela Flemming)
Serenity – Switchblade (Original Mix)
The Dual Personality – We Dislike Pop (Paul Begge & Nik Carter Remix)