SE5E1: Grim Reaper, Squashing People, and Homelessness

July 24, 2014


We start Season 5 of J & K After Dark this week! We kick off the show with some usual Justin Bieber news, then a story about musical tastes!

Then we rapidfire the week’s odd news, discuss homeslessness as a crime, and the California drought!

We move along to Jonathan Wilson‘s article on Project Labyrinth, about the Brown Mountain Lights!

Ralph Lael’s Mummy

We end the episode with Psychopaths of the Week!

Be sure to stay tuned after the closing music for our discussion of the origins of WAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZUP.

Justin Bieber Lands Calvin Klein Underwear Campaign?
Did Justin Bieber Just Create A New Sport? Hike Dancing? Is That A Thing??
Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Break Up: Her New Tattoo Is A Big Blow On Ex-Boyfriend!
Is This Your Song? The Science Behind What Determines Your Taste In Music

Nude homeowner scares off burglar, burglar apologizes
Amazon Amanda Gets Paid To Squash Men (NSFW)
Lottery Winner Must Share $1.7 Million Jackpot With Psychic Waiter
How much water does California have left?

More cities across the U.S. consider homelessness a crime
Ukraine separatists use plane crash to promote cause


David Ray Parker
Carol Stream man guilty of stabbing his mom to death

The Loyalist – Renegade Gratitude (feat. HolySmokes)
Endevorin – Close Your Eyes
Harbinger – Ultimate
Panic Key – Chase
Katy Perry – E.T (Hardstyle Remix )
Cascada – Sk8er Boi
Skelectro – Rock the hau5

SE4E25: Messages From the Dead, Dog Food, and Hot Coffee

July 10, 2014


We kick of this week’s episode discussing J.K. Rowling‘s new Harry Potter story, and finally, some Justin Bieber news again!

Then we do a reading of Redditor natesw‘s creepy spine-tingling, goosebump-inducing, story on /r/nosleep. Is the story real? We discuss the possibilities and compiled theories of the Nathan’s situation.

Emily tags herself

We go on to rapidfire the week’s news, everything from dog food, to TSA, to ducks!

Then we close the season with an edition of Tech Talk! Coffee and dreams!

ICup Hot Coffee Mug Things

We’ll be back on the 24th!

Justin Bieber Hour
Selena Gomez Wakes Up To A Loving Text Message — From Justin Bieber?
Justin Bieber Will Still Attend Selena Gomez’s Birthday Party
Justin Bieber Continues to Toy With Fangirls’ Emotions With “Naked” Selfie
Selena Gomez Refuses To See Justin Bieber — Thinks He’s A ‘Jerk’

J.K. Rowling Just Released a New Harry Potter Story Online

My dead girlfriend keeps messaging me on Facebook. I’ve got the screenshots. I don’t know what to do.

YUM! Dorothy Hunter To Eat Dog And Cat Food For Month
Police Dogs Can Now Sniff Out Child Porn
Heads Up, The TSA is about to Make Travel Harder
Maine police get Facebook boost with stuffed duck

Coffee hot everywhere-concept
Get to know your unconscious: Dream-reading technology that actually works?

Stephen Swartz – Survivor (Feat. Chloe Angelides)
Badiali sandro – relax
DSPoker – Snowfall
Peri Mental – Remember Me

SE4E24: Mufasa’s Killer, FHRITP, and Europe

July 3, 2014


J returns this week! We open the show with none other than, Hannah Glennon‘s rockclimbing article! J explains exactly why he was gone.

Then we discuss bubbling, fried chicken, and more!

Emojli: Real or Not?

Then we proceed to Reddit‘s /r/nosleep board, to discuss a story about a creepy little girl.

And there now exists, a Mufasa-killing Texan. Is she right or wrong? Decide for yourself.

Also, this guy.

Rock climbing gyms are the next exercise fad
Bring Reading Rainbow Back for Every Child, Everywhere.

‘Bubbling’ Is The Most Disgusting Fake Trend In Internet History
KFC Chicken Turns Out To Be Deep-Fried Paper Towel (PHOTOS)
Morgan Freeman: ‘We May Already Be In The Midst Of A Growing Zombie Apocalypse’
An Emoji-Only Social Network Wants To Fix The Internet…With Smiley Faces
The 13 Creepiest Things A Child Has Ever Said To A Parent

19 Year-Old Big Game Hunter Angers The Internet
Fuck Her Right in the Pussy
Fuck Her Right in the Pussy Guy “Exclusive Interview”
Brazil Fan Yells “Fuck Her Right In The Pussy” On Live World Cup Report

#DJ#1337# – I Just Died In Your Arms
K4MMERER – Impressions
Lephone – My Way
Marc Burt – Deep Sea
Timur Izhbulatov – 54x

SE4E23: Monkeys With Clothes On Our Backs, With Rules

June 26, 2014


Danny O. joins us this week as co-host (rather than a guest, for the first time ever)!

We open the episode with talk of, yes, the rockclimbing fad. Then we touch on news regarding the deaths related to EDC.

Then we discuss how in Pennsylvania, cops do not need a warrant to search cars now, and police injustices in general.

Beats By Dre: good or bad?

And of course, we conclude the episode with the Danny O. staple segment, Things That Need To Stop!

Rock climbing gyms are the next exercise fad
California man dies after having medical problem at EDC
Second Person Dies After Electric Daisy Carnival
Romina Barbie Anahi Garcia Speaks

Pennsylvania cops don’t need a warrant to search your car? That’s a problem

I’m part of a mommy group and I just got totally creeped out by my friend’s daughter
The 13 Creepiest Things A Child Has Ever Said To A Parent

The Beats With a Billion Eyes
FIFA bans Beats headphones from World Cup matches
Face The Music: Beats By Dre Headphones Are ‘Extraordinarily Bad’
What Beats by Dre Are Actually Doing to Your Ears

Deep Natural Affex – Heavy Rasta
Diavoloops – Music
Robert Lussiant – Timeless single
The CLone Dj – Everybody Move Your Body
White Varnish – Looking Back

SE4E22: Facebook Sharing, Shaytan, and Robotic Everything

June 19, 2014


Jo fills in as the co-host this week on J & K After Dark!


We open the show with some World Cup discussion, then rapidfire the week’s odd headlines!

Richard Dunn: All By Myself

Then we discuss online privacy; how much does Facebook know about you?

Jonathan Wilson‘s (Project Labyrinth) new article regarding the Djinn is discussed, along with religion and the truth claims of them.

Should humans fear the Djinn?

Then we close up the episode discussing how online college degrees are revolutionizing, and how robotics may soon take over the world (kinda).

Rock climbing gyms are the next exercise fad
John Brooks’ goal vs. Ghana leads to funny Wikipedia edits
Japanese soccer fans remember their manners in Brazil, clean up before going home
What I woke up to

Blind Man Hears, Feels His Way to Mechanic Degree
Starbucks offers workers free college tuition
Man gets stuck in airport overnight, makes spectacular music video

Facebook Wants To Listen In On What You’re Doing
FONTANA: Burglars learned victims were away via Facebook, police say
Is Silicon Valley More Dangerous to Your Privacy Than the NSA?

Devil? Satan or Shayton?

Udacity-AT&T ‘NanoDegree’ Offers an Entry-Level Approach to College
As Robotics Advances, Worries of Killer Robots Rise

Sunday Girl – Self Control (ABSNTcue Remix)
Clootie – Diagnostic
IceSun – A New Dawn
JCRZ – Pulsed
Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love (Swaax RemiX)
Seamless – Sometimes Feat. Veela