SE4E14: Marijuanas, Nick Cannon, and normalpornfornormalpeople

April 17, 2014


We open this week’s episode of J & K After Dark with talks of pets eating weed, babies, White face, and Facebook!

Nick Cannon playing White face

We conclude the show with our creepypassta reading of Cosbydaf’s Normal Porn for Normal People.

Be sure to listen to our “minus show” after the closing music, where we discuss good samaritans and gone done did some good.

Why do people to listen to podcasts?
Mastermind Behind BuzzFeed’s Quizzes Explains How They Work And Why They’re So Crazy Viral
Aaron Carter & Drake Bell Want To Punch Justin Bieber?! See Their Mocking Comments HERE!
Rob Lowe Feels ‘Tremendous Empathy’ For Young Stars Like Justin Bieber (VIDEO)
More Pets Are Showing Up High On Marijuana, Vets Say
Woman Arrested After 7 Dead Newborns Found in Garage – See more at:
Twitter helps deputies bust Marion Co. party
This kid got caught drinking at a party and was interviewed by my local news station, he brought his own microphone…
Wisconsin Passes Anti-”Revenge Porn” Law
Nick Cannon Decided That Whiteface Was A Good Idea
Teens Are Leaving Facebook For Facebook
The upside of selfies: Social media isn’t all bad for kids
Normal Porn for Normal People

BAYSIX – Invaderz
Ample Mammal – Future Versus Calculator
Doctor P – Sweet Shop
Angel Alanis – Variant (Angel Alanis Remix)
Circus Marcus – Aux pucesn9
Music For Your Plants – Stabmixer Bazar

SE4E13: Cell Phone Batteries, Procrastination, and Make Time

April 10, 2014


This week episode of J & K After Dark is a packed one! We start he show with discussion of E-Cigarettes, rapidfire the week’s headlines.

We then talk about procrastination and the recent school stabbing.

Danny O. joins the show to talk about Ultimate Warrior, professional wrestling, Tyler Hadley, and Things That Need To Stop!


Tyler Hadley

Justin Bieber Hour
Justin Bieber Lied! He Got ANOTHER Tattoo After Promising He Was “Done With Tats 4 A While”!!!
The Geography of Justin Bieber Fever in North America
Taylor Hanson’s advice to Justin Bieber: Just focus on the music

E-cigs’ liquid nicotine causing poisonings
Teenage Girl Invents World’s Fastest Mobile Phone Battery Charger
Alcohol-Free Bars All The Rage In U.K.
Vandals flip Smart cars around San Francisco
This Bike Elevator Makes Steep Hills a Little More Manageable
Procrastination Is in Your Genes
20 People Injured In Stabbing At Pennsylvania High School
Judge Determines Tyler Hadley’s Fate
Teen who killed parents, threw party, gets life without parole
Best Friend ‘Ruined My Life’ When He Killed His Own Parents
RAW VIDEO: Tyler Hadley Speaks About Killing His Parents

SaQi – 1 Quest’s End
ABSRDST – Vicen as She Watched the Sun
Ezylohm tek – Mankind
Lyndon Scarfe – Etna
Sans Nom – Unconscious Bliss
The Polish Ambassador – My Tron Shades

SE4E12: Boomer the Dog, Dating Jealousy, and Oculus Rift

April 3, 2014


We’re back this week, opening the show with coverage of Boomer the Dog, Facebook friends saving a girl from possibly becoming blind, and more!

We discuss two paranormal encounters, one involving a ghost, and another involving a man’s deceased wife.

Then we close the show with Tech Talk, discussing Oculus Rift and apps that allow you to avoid people!


Bieber News Hour
Justin Bieber gets booed at Canada’s Juno Awards
Canadians Will Get a Taco Bell Breakfast Menu If and Only If They Take Justin Bieber Back

Taco Bell breakfast menu: The idea sounds like a ‘Saturday Night Live’ skit but their A.M. Crunchwrap is actually pretty tasty
Google HQ Is Now a Pokémon Lab, and Google Maps Has Been Overrun
Animal Obsessed
Gary Matthews Wants To Live Life As ‘Boomer The Dog’
Obama Releases Tens of Thousands of Criminal Illegals Onto American Streets
Cupcake machine opens in New York to satisfy 24-hour cravings
24 Vending Machines You Won’t Believe Exist
Facebook Post Leads to Child’s Diagnosis of Rare Condition
Cyber Stalking Prank Freaks People Out By Revealing Their Personal Information Online
Asian Women Need To Stop Dating White Men
White Men Dating Asian Women Isn’t The Problem – Your Racism Is (Plus, Tips On How To Cure Yourself)
My personal experiences, I think my wife is reaching out…

Tech Talk
What Facebook Might Look Like Using Oculus Rift
New apps help people avoid unwanted encounters

Paranoid Breaks – Deadly Dubs
Edgeist – Windward
Everlone – Landlock
lukeing forward – Breakdown Quantum 3

SE4E11: Mothers, Fathers, and Murder Scene Ouija Session

March 20, 2014


Join us for the mid-season wrap up this week! We open the show with the headlines of the strange and weird, including drinking to lose weight, giving kids fake beer, saving your kids, and much more!

Justin Bieber is a jerk, because of YOU

We explore odd ways of dying, with a new segment called Strange Deaths

Then we conclude the show with this season’s first ouija board segment. For the first time ever, we go mobile. We conduct our ouija session at the spot where a man was recently murdered in town.

We’ll be back on the first week of April!

Justin Bieber Hour
Now Trending: Why Justin Bieber and entourage were denied entry to Niagara Falls casino
Justin Bieber’s bodyguard refused entry into Canada
It’s your fault Justin Bieber is a jerk

New Anti-Obesity Weapon: Tequila Plant?
Michigan Teacher Gives Fifth-Graders Non-Alcoholic Beer
Bystander With Box Spring Catches Falling Toddler
Mom Lies Down as ‘Speed Bump’ to Save Daughters in Rolling Car
China Earthquake: How A Mother Saved Her Son (An Emotional Story)
Cross-Dressing Made Me A Better Father
Software ‘Armageddon’ Could Expose ATMs to Hackers
1st Milpitas Homicide of 2014; Man Shot in Face
Police identify man fatally shot outside Milpitas hotel

Strange Deaths
Founding member of ELO killed by falling half-ton hay bale ‘which had been left halfway up steep slope’ by farming contractor
Kent Man Killed By Exploding Lava Lamp
Garry Hoy
Video Of Woman Cut In Half By Elevator Is Harrowing

Quibus – An Unexpected Magic Forest
Candlegravity – Tokyo Skies
Knotted Sheets – Mother
Lee Rosevere – Farrago
Mrio Gajarsk – Moon Pearls
Nick Otheen – flight over
Visitors – Say Watt

SE4E10: Zambies, Final Destination, and Saving the World

March 13, 2014


This week’s episode of J & K After Dark opens with a discussion of the Center For Disease Control’s zombie emergency plan, then we discuss the week’s headlines that contain reading apps, chances of dying, and fast food!

We then cover the missing Malaysian plane and discuss the video circulating the internet, with strangers kissing each other!

Could a bearded squatter be living in your home? Listen to a Redditor’s story of how her and her mother found a man living in their attic!

We conclude the show with Craigslist Corner!

Justin Beiber Hour
Justin Bieber skips court date in limo assault case
Justin Bieber struggles with vocabulary, curses at court reporter during deposition
High school forces students to donate to charity — by playing Justin Bieber nonstop

Zombie Preparedness
This Insane New App Will Allow You To Read Novels In Under 90 Minutes
One killed after tree falls into lanes on I-80 near Vacaville
Oblivious Missing Woman Joins Search Party To Look For Herself Until 3AM
14 Fast Food and Restaurant Employees Confess the One Item You Should Never Order
Fate Of Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane Still A Mystery
The Missing Malaysian Plane: 5 Conspiracy Theories
What Happens When 20 Strangers Are Paired Off And Asked To Kiss? Magic
The science of kissing
The time we had another roommate, and neither of us knew.
OSU students discover ‘some random guy’ squatting behind locked door in basement
Woman hides in man’s closet for a year

Craigslist Corner
Lay on your stomach while pregnant
You ruined my poo
anybody else still trying to Save the World?
can i poop in peace?
“Professional Gentleman Looking for a “Worthy & Deserving” Girl :-)
pooping at work

Dmn Prcdotions – Al J
Ezlyohm teck – A Message From Space
Intecticide – Mouriri Cest nul
Marsman – Slow
Mons JJacet -grasshopper morning
Sci Fi Indistires – MANO