SE5E6: Japan, Vin Diesel Cologne Ghost, and Cosby Sweater

August 28, 2014


A ridiculous episode of J & K After Dark this week! We open the show with some mediocre news about Justin Bieber. The fella has been staying low (relatively).

Then we discuss news of Japan’s approach to raising money for charity, drug-detecting fingernail polish, and more!

We explore using technology to analyze art, and discuss Dr. Edwin Leap‘s opinions about tattoos.

Our paranormal segment consists of pets sensing spirits, and ghost cars!

Then we close the show with Urban Tongue! Everyone deserves a Cosby Sweater.

Be sure to listen after the closing music, for the post-show, with Cleatus and Bill, discussing the ISIS beheading of James Foley, familial ties, and movies.

Justin Bieber Hour
Justin Bieber Allegedly Involved In Incident At Dave & Buster’s In L.A., Cops Called
Are You Man Enough for the Cockatiel?
Justin Bieber Gets Rear-Ended In West Hollywood! Tweets About Princess Diana Afterwards!

Neighbor Hellbent On Shutting Down Kid’s ‘Illegal’ Lemonade Stand
Man Fakes Kidnapping So He Can Party Without Girlfriend
College Students Create Nail Polish That Changes Colors When Exposed To Date Rape Drugs
Japanese Pornstars

An Intelligent Algorithm Made A Discovery That Slipped Past Art Historians For Years
Consider the messages that tattoos are sending

Animals Sense the Paranormal
Phantom Van Just Disappeared

Manilla – Reverie
Condukta – Twisted
Heart Attack – Level Up
Kranx & Berilium – Sublimation
Mystic Pulse – Asian Flavour Ft. Downdays
Sleepy Tom – Champions

SE5E5: The Vin Diesel Scent, Flick the Bean, The Christopher Walken Signal

August 21, 2014


This episode of J & K After Dark questions the currently popular Ice Bucket Challenge

We explore JB and SG’s relationship once again. Is TS pissed?

Then we discuss a runaway groom (kinda), Viagra beer, and much more!

We move onto aerobics and solar panels, then World Anomalies, and we end the episode with Tech Talk (on the clock).

Tara Calico

The California Drought Versus the Ice Bucket Challenge

Justin Bieber Hour
Ice Bucket Challenge Done Wrong by Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber Nominates President Obama for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Elizabeth Arden reveals record loss as shoppers shun Justin Bieber fragrance
Justin Bieber Resumes Timeless Love Affair with Selena Gomez

86-Year-Old Utah Woman Writes Romance Novel
Tucker Blandford Fakes Death To Avoid Wedding
No need for an exterminator: Spider freaks out at man’s singing voice
Real Cheese From A Lab, No Cow Necessary

Physically fit children have ‘greater brain capacity’ in areas important for memory and learning, study finds
How birds are being scorched to death MID-AIR in the quest for clean energy: Horrifying images show impact of solar beams on the environment

Wow! signal
Tara Calico

Put Your Face on a 3D-Printed Action Figure
Real Cheese From A Lab, No Cow Necessary

Taryn Manning – Send Me Your Love (KDrew Remix)
Auquid – Fire
BS – Air
Carmin.D – Broke
K4MMERER – Impressions
Xytum – Do not blink

SE5E4: Whisper, Too Sexy, and Schnipity Schnap

August 14, 2014


This week’s episode of J & K After Dark opens with a plethora of Justin Bieber news!

Then we rapidfire news about church porn, ghosts, and much more!

Our paranormal segment covers stories of creepy phonecalls, and dreaming!

Danny O. joins us for the 1000th time, to discuss Robin Williams and Things That Need To Stop!


Justin Bieber Hour
Taylor Swift is relieved Selena Gomez dumped Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber & Mystery Girl Ride Space Mountain at Disneyland
Justin Bieber May Put Out an Acoustic Album!
Justin Bieber Is Too Sexy According to Female Priest Sinead O’Connor
Cyclists Post Craigslist Ad Searching For A Cardboard Justin Bieber They Lost In The Desert
Justin Bieber Still Calls Selena Gomez His ‘Girl’: Thinks She’ll Take Him Back

20 Common Misconceptions About Depression

Woman Confesses To Filming Porn In Church After Tipster Recognizes Her Breasts
Man Dies After Vibrator Gets Stuck In Rectum
Photos: Ferguson, Missouri, Looks Like a War Zone
Man Fined For Pretending To Be A Ghost At Cemetery, Making ‘Wooo’ Noises Around Mourners

Freaky Phone Calls
Shared Recurring Dream

8 Facts You Might Not Have Known About Robin Williams
Robin Williams ‘Murdered,’ Alive: Conspiracy Theories About ‘Illuminati’ Pop Up Hours After Death
Elk Just Wants To Eat Apples But Cops Won’t Leave Him Alone

KATFYR feat. Maruja Retana – Lose Control
CHRGR – Drop Turn
Dyman – Sewage
Knut S. – To Find
Radio Massacre – Love (Le Twan Remix)
Diskonekted – Youth Hours

SE5E3: Leashed Boyfriends, Leprechauns, and Stink Breath

August 7, 2014


Back with a regular episode this week! We start the show with Justin Bieber Hour!


Then we rapidfire the week’s news, discussing Japanese murders, art galleries for ants, and more!

We head to, for two spooky paranormal encounters!

Then we discuss prison, and leaving babies in cars.

We conclude the episode with the season’s first edition of Craigslist Corner!

‘Apparently’ kid steals the show
Orlando Bloom Allegedly Tried To Punch Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber For Sheriff?!? — Bieber Running For Sheriff In Wisconsin
Justin Bieber saves man from bear attack

“What Is This, A Gallery For Ants?” Yes.
What The Hell Is A ‘Fire Challenge,’ And How Could It Not Go Horribly Wrong?
Woman Walks Naked Boyfriend On Leash
Real Life Horror: Girl, 16, Saws Classmate’s Head Off

It Looked Like a Leprechaun
Tapped by Something in the Night

F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone pays to end bribery trial
A crying child on ‘Game of Thrones’ reminded Kansas man that he left a baby in a hot car

Craigslist Corner
Seen u eating cat food – w4m
The Rent is TOO HIGH! Solution, let’s get married!
To the mother and daughter posing for pictures with the “drunk” guy… – m4ww
Creepy Ceramic Rabbits
FREE — ROBOT that makes Rice
Desperately Seeking a Man with STINK BREATH – w4m
Eye Candy Lawn Services

SirensCeol Feat. Inure – Starlight Lullaby
Marc Burt – Deep Sea
Rodrigo Torres – Alpha
Stiller – whitleblower
Tobu feat. Kamelia – Altitude
Celestial Grounds – Don’t Worry

SE5E2: Music Mix #1

July 31, 2014


A special episode this week! A music mix for all you listeners to enjoy! All the songs used are listed below, please support the artists if you like their music!

Twofold – Skyfire (King Trimble Remix)
Anny Sky – All Rights Reserved
Ben K Adams – Last Chance Handsome Pants
HardVox – Hard Bumping
Mrpontusbogren – Sisters Brothers
TheButtonSite – Sweep
Karin Park – Shine
Gy Forpe – Acid synth
The Sonic Seeds – Nitrogen
Kuki – Give it UP!
Avicii- You Make Me (Wolf Remix)
H.E.F. – F.A.I.T.H
Zot! – Asul
Twisted – Fire Cloud (Original Mix)
The Chainsmokers – #Selfie (Ahmet Yilmaz Remix)
mi.Rec – After Moon
MAN!C – Your Eyes
Beeping – The Lion And The Dragon Control The Universe II
Linkin Park – Numb (Dubstep Remix)
Stephen Swartz – Bullet Train (feat. Joni Fatora)